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J Templeton fully concentrate on plaid skirts, leather skirts and Tutu. They are amiable and easy to wear. You will surely experience new designs and fabrics every year. We have a total of five appealing collections for all young ladies. Our Back To School Collection is favorable for young teenagers-using our special stretchy plaid skirt with basic directional pleats. And if School is just not your way, kick off your game with our bold Play-Off Collection. With our spirited glittering waistband over our zesty Tutus to cheer your team on. Now just unleash your inner evil spirit with our Rebel Girl Collection. Our malevolent leather skirt with our devilish top with surely bring out your true Rebel. And now, We will illuminate your party with our snazzy Rave Glow Collection. With multiple combo of colors, and enhanced with our LED light right along the edge to light up the colors of your skirt. Surely you will party all night. At Last, The antique traditional skirts bridals are classics. The laces weaved through the petticoat will sure give you a more charming view.